EPS Panel

Panels & Panel Accessories "PPA"

DPEB Steel recognizes that the presence of large number of Specialized Panel Manufacturers in this region, all producers of Sandwich Panels, give customers the option to buy the PEBSS forma PEB manufacturer and the PPA from a specialized Panel Manufacturer.


EPS Panel

PU Panel

Specialized Panel Manufacturers

The Most practical & economical type of insulation for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings is fiberglass insulation. Is is recommended that the roofs and walls of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings be insulated with fiberglass insulation that meets the following specificaitons.

Sandwich Panel Soptions

DPEB Steel does not produce sandwich panels. Our alliance with the largest Specialized Panel Manufacturer in the Pakistan enables us to include Sandwich Panels within our scope of supply at very competitive prices and to offer a wide range of panels that only a large Special Panel Manufacturer can produce economically.