Control Shed

Poultry farm Steel Shed

DPEB Steel's Poultry farm buildings are economical and almost maintenance free. They are designed to accommodate the equipment and ventilation system normally required for this specific application.

Building Feature
Galvanized structural steel members
This premium coating for the structural members protects the structure against the high moisture content and the corrosive nature of the matcrials normally present in poultry farms.
Galvanized steel or aluminium panels
These panel options provide the optimum corrosion resistance and protection needed for these buildings.
Electro galvanized connection machine bolts
Electro galvanized bolts with yellow Dacromet conversion coatings for corrosikn protection
Corrosion resistant panel fasteners
Rust resistant plated and dichromate dipped screws with a neoprene weather seal under the washer firmly attach the roof and wall panel to the steel framing.
Fiberglass insulation
A 100 mm thick vinyl faced fiberglass blanket help to maintain the desired temperature inside